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Selling a business requires a great deal of thoroughness and presentation. No two businesses are the same.

Midas Equities manages the entire disposal process including:

  • Researching and identifying potential purchasers and investors domestically or internationally among our direct contacts and utilising our international network of corporate finance and private equity professionals
  • Working closely with our clients to understand the dynamics of their business and their market position and perform a comprehensive business assessment, including detailed discussions on valuation and how to best structure the transaction
  • Preparing professional and comprehensive sales material

At Midas Equities, our chief aim is to seek out the most qualified buyers and investors for whom the company offers the highest value and who are both prepared and able to pay the maximum price or deliver the maximum value.

The valuation of a business for the purposes of a disposal requires both objective and subjective analysis, involving the review of similar quoted businesses, similar unquoted deals, asset-based methods and cash-flow based methods.

The value of a business to the potential purchaser is not purely driven by a financial calculation, but is driven by the degree of strategic fit to their existing business or future strategic direction. This means that the motivation for the purchase is a key element in determining the price offered.

So in order to maximise the valuation, we demonstrate to prospective purchasers the underlying potential of your business and identify those areas of the business’s cost base that could be reduced post-sale.

We primarily focus on transactions between €5m - €50m (EV).

Ask more for disposals

Turo Levänen advises you in disposal projects. He has executed tens of mergers and acquisition projects and hundreds of private equity investments during his career. Turo understands entrepreneur’s position in the deal, but also investors’ point of view.

Turo Levänen

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