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Most growing, privately held businesses will, at some point, need to raise capital in order to:

  • Strenghten its working capital
  • Support organic growth, complete an acquisition, fund a joint venture, a management buyout (MBO/MBI) and a business restructuring
  • Replace capital from existing funding sources with less expensive, more flexible capital
  • Incorporate institutional or strategic investors
  • Reduce leverage or increase equity cushion
  • Midas can put together and lead an investor syndicate, which may finance a buyout transaction, MBO/MBI transaction or provide growth capital for organic and strategic growth.

To achieve their goals, we at Midas Equities work in close partnership with our clients to determine the optimal transaction and capital structure and to:

  • Identify potential investors and lenders
  • Prepare documentation
  • Present the company to a limited number of selected sources of funding
  • Evaluating proposals and devising strategy for counter proposals
  • Managing the negotiations and the due diligence processes
  • Assisting with closing the deal

As an experienced corporate finance boutique Midas Equities maintains relationships with well known funding sources throughout Nordic countries and broader in Europe including:

  • Qualified private investors
  • Family offices and investment companies
  • Private equity and venture capital funds
  • Strategic investors
  • Institutional investors and financiers
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Private debt providers

These relationships enable us to provide our clients with timely information regarding investment climate, financial market ambitions, investment and financing criteria and allow us to structure and close transactions.

Additionally these relationships, coupled with our experience give us a unique insight into how investors and financiers assess and what they look for in potential investments or financing.

This in turn allows us to construct our clients’ business plans and other documentation in a way that not only maximises the credibility of our client’s business, but also gives investors what they are looking for: a thoroughly insightful view of the potential of our client’s business in a format that they can understand and use.

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Since the end of 1990's Jukka has been involved in numerous projects providing expertise on strategy, business planning, M&A, financing and public listings to Frankfurt and London stock exchanges. With more than two decades of experience Jukka knows the taste and preferences of Finnish and Scandinavian investors.

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