Mergers & Acquisitions

Create new growth opportunities via mergers and acquisitions

There are many challenges facing any potential merger or acquisition:

  • Identifying an appropriate target
  • Analysing the potential synergies between the target and your business such as the target’s profitability and its ability to fill strategic “gaps” in your business
  • Valuing the target and its strategic value to the acquirer to appraise the additional net value potential of the transaction to prevent overpaying for a target
  • Negotiating the deal and identifying the optimal structural solution for a transaction
  • Managing the due diligence and reviewing the industrial and commercial capabilities of the transaction partner

At Midas Equities we manage this process on behalf of our clients using a structured approach where we first try to understand your strategic objectives and then review companies operating in the target marketplace using our extensive database and industry contacts to identify potential acquisition targets.

We will then approach potential targets confidentially to determine levels of interest in the proposition. If the decision is then taken to proceed, we will negotiate the deal and carry out full due diligence.

Midas Equities' holistic approach to strategic and operational due diligence helps companies accurately estimate synergies, pinpoint opportunities and use technology to create value and to identify potential risks. Finally our approach to mergers integration aims to mitigate customer and employee attrition as well as operational risks through proven practices and techniques.

We primarily focus on transactions between €5m - €50m (EV).

See our section on Disposals for an overview on our approach to valuing a business.

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Turo Levänen advises you in mergers and acquisitions. He has executed tens of mergers and acquisition projects and hundreds of private equity investments during his career. Turo understands entrepreneur’s position in the deal, but also investors’ point of view.

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