Lasse Koivunen

Senior Advisor

+358 40 531 1800

Mr Koivunen has over 30 years experience in doing business in Soviet Union and later in the FSU countries: in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Belorussia, in the Baltic republics.

After graduating from the Helsinki School of Economics Mr Koivunen has studied in1970’s both in Moscow State University and in Budapest Economic University to get insight into the specifics and problems of the centrally planned economies. After their collapse he has closely followed their reorientation into the market system, both at macro and micro level.

Mr Koivunen has been working in private companies in the construction business (YIT), food, feed and chemical industry (Raisio Group) as well as consulting and engineering in forestry, energy and infrastructure sectors (Poyry Group). Currently he is employed by a consultancy company where he is also partner (Retectum Ltd).

Mr Koivunen has solid track record in appraisal and monitoring of development programmes and projects and investment plans, planning, market research and competitiveness analysis, managing and supervising projects with international experts.

Mr Koivunen has worked as team leader, project manager and project expert in a large number of projects within the CIS area on the assignments of the EU, WB, IFC; EBRD, NIB, the Finnish government and private companies. Bulk of the projects has been in Russian Federation.

Excellent knowledge of languages, good analytical, communication and interpersonal skills of Mr Koivunen are an asset which ensure successful work within sensitive and complex multicultural environments, including communication at all levels of executives and officials in government agencies, private sector and NGOs.